Find gold in that Facebook relationship status and get noticed now

Facebook   Facebook seems to becoming more focused on its advertising offerings and has recently begun a drive to put all of the personal information it assembles to practical use. In addition to other target options, your Facebook marketing can now take aim at someone’s relationship status. Great news for those businesses who need to target a certain relationship demographic.

 Facebook has been trying to shake the impression that they are not that advertising and marketing friendly. Aside from the recent addition of relationship status, marketers can also focus on a user’s job description and even where they work. Facebook seems as if it is trying to compete with LinkedIn head on with regard to offering businesses the opportunity to refine their targeting. Facebook’s model also allows for targeting specific geographical areas and even certain hobbies and passions a user may display.

 For many businesses, their Facebook marketing also entails being able to reach people through their news feeds but this often can prove difficult. The challenge has always been to be able to reach as many users as possible with any product or service news and updates. In the past, though, it hasn’t always been that effective and marketers have been scratching their heads for quite some time.

 Facebook has since discarded its previous method for determining who gets your update and has refined it to where a user’s “likes” are beginning to have a strong affect on what gets sent to their news feeds. So, the challenge to your Facebook marketing is to create images and content that is going to grab users and inspire them to “like” you and pass it on. The latest stat from Facebook is that over 70% of all users actually do read what is sent to their news feeds.

 Your Facebook marketing needs to be upbeat and extremely positive. This encourages users to “like” you and send you out to their network. The strongest update you can create is letting everyone know that you have something new that will positively affect their life somehow. Don’t tell them what it is, of course. Make them click through to your website. After all, that is the only reason you work so hard at your social media marketing. Social media exists solely to drive traffic to your website.

 Use images but keep them as simple as you can. Facebook readers react more to image laden content and keeping it simple will allow for ease of use when being accessed by a user’s mobile device. Recent data indicates that over 70% of Facebook users will be tapping in via their cell phone.

Finally your Facebook marketing strategy must always remember that it is not about you but about your potential customers. Comments are critical so remember to engage to user’s who have taken the time to comment. New customers can come from anywhere. Also, post when there is the most volume. Facebook recommends that you post between 1PM and 4PM to attract the maximum exposure.