Finding Music For Video SEO Content

Posted on August 26, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

When you start creating your own video SEO content to help you climb up the Universal Search rankings, you may find that adding music makes your video more enjoyable. Unfortunately, using any old music can violate copyright laws and get you in a whole heap of trouble with those who own the music. That will get the video you worked so hard on yanked right off the website.

This problem has occurred enough times, and caused enough trouble for users and content makers, that Rumblefish is now offering a special service – to YouTube content producers only – to help find appropriate music for affordable prices for use in YouTube VSEO content. Creators can get their hands on great music options for $1.99…without breaking laws and getting content pulled. You can find it at

The site will give the user the rights of usage for the chosen piece of music for the life of the video. Unfortunately, these rights come with a catch: the video can’t be used to make money. And of course, making money is indirectly the goal of your VSEO strategy. There isn’t a whole lot of information offered on exactly what counts as “for profit,” and what this term means for your video, but we suggest, as with any legal situation, to proceed with caution. If it feels wrong, upgrade to a commercial license. The commercial license is slightly more expensive but still very reasonable. However, if you have some great video of your company outing, or a really useful informational video that you want to use for VSEO, just make sure that you don’t have an aggressive call to action.

You probably won’t find Lady Gaga’s next hit on FriendlyMusic, but that might end up just being distracting in your video anyway. With over 35,000 other songs from the Rumblefish catalog available through FriendlyMusic, it will be easy to find something else to liven up your VSEO content. We can also all cross our fingers that they will expand their music selections in the future, so that major label songs can be included in their catalog.

Using music in your VSEO content is an easy way to make them feel lively and entertaining and can add much more fun to the piece. Try taking music out of any video you have used in the past. How does it feel? It’s probably incomplete or boring. FriendlyMusic will make adding the professional, polished layer of sound easy and affordable for user and small businesses.

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