Get your mobile plan in place or get left in the dust

z204 There can be nothing of more critical importance to your brand and your marketing strategy than making certain that you, and your site, are fully optimized for mobile. Mobile has been making a tremendous amount of noise lately and it will only grow louder. If you are not optimized for it, you will be missing out on opportunities to increase revenue and will, quite likely, be left in the dust of those competitors who have already embraced the importance of mobile.

  •  Understand what the strategy needs to be if you are plunging into mobile marketing. Understand who is using it and what their online habits are. Is your content too gigantic for a smartphone screen? Can mobile customers access your shopping cart system?
  • Integrate video content whenever you can. Believe it or not, mobile users will actually watch a video that is five minutes long or so. Not so at the desktop or laptop. Less than two minutes there and, preferably around thirty seconds for an ad.
  • The latest tool in the social media marketing battle is known as responsive design. It allows your content and your site in general to adjust itself and how it looks in accordance with the particular device a user is on. This is critical to your success so ensure that you are using responsive design. It’s just one less thing to worry about.
  • Mobile users want things quickly and in as uncomplicated manner as possible. You must be lean and mean out there. If you are using an app make absolutely sure it is one of the easiest apps ever invented. Speed equals satisfaction out in mobile land and satisfaction mans a healthier bottom line for you.
  • Again, integration is everything. Nearly 80% of all Facebook users access their profile page via their mobile device. But remember, it’s all about the message. It’s all about building your brand’s identity and name recognition.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with design. Mobile users do not have the time to engage the entirety of your website so re-build for mobile. Allow them to get the information they want quickly and make it easy for them to pull the trigger and buy your product or service.