Getting the most from the Facebook millions

On laptopWhen it comes to social media, Facebook appears to be the king. Everyone, it seems is out there be they average people or brands looking to increase their engagement and propel their bottom line ever upward.

The problem lately is that engagement numbers have been dropping like the proverbial lead balloon at Facebook. Have ads and business content become invisible to the average Facebook user? If you are finding that your Facebook engagement has been less than stellar of late, perhaps it is time to review some basic stats.

  • Out at Facebook, it seems that content posts that contain less than 250 characters are getting the most attention. In fact, you will get 60% more engagement out of a post that is 250 characters or less than you would with anything that is longer.
  • Apparently, Thursday and Friday are the premier days to get the attention of Facebook folks. Those days have a nearly 20% higher rate of engagement and interaction.
  • Want to get people talking about you and with you? Ask them a question. It seems when Facebook people are asked a question, or sought for an opinion, the response rate approaches 100% response. So, keep those questions coming.
  • It cannot be stressed enough: coupons are queen. Most people hunt the social media sites in search of bargains and nothing increases potential customer engagement like a promotion, a deal, or a coupon.
  • Another related tool for engagement is the contest. Facebook fans, it seems, love a good contest. If your page has a contest going at all times, you can expect an increase of at least 35% in traffic to your site. Click through rates, also, increase at those Facebook sites that run contests on a regular basis.
  • While the advent of video is, and will continue to be, huge, photos remain the standard response mechanism that will increase your engagement. Stick a photo in your post and get a response rate boost of about 40%. The Facebook stats on photos are astounding. Over 50% greater response and “likes” with a photo as well as a nearly 90% increase in your click through rate.
  • Finally, believe it or not, emoticons are a huge Facebook favorite. Use them liberally in your posts and expect an over 30% rise in comments as well as “likes”. In addition, content posts that contain these cute little emoticons get shared nearly 60% more than posts that don’t have any at all.