Are you going mobile or going home?

z170 For those businesses that have not realized the powerful presence that mobile technology has become, it is time to wake up and smell the missed opportunity. The explosion in smartphone and tablet use can’t be denied or ignored any longer by any business that is looking to grow and thrive. To paraphrase and ancient cliché: it’s time to go mobile or it’s time to go home.

  •  In recent research performed by Pew Research and CNN, the use of mobile devices to access the Web has now become more prevalent than using a desktop. In addition, Americans spend nearly three hours a day being attached to their mobile devices.
  • When heading out online, mobile users are accessing their social media platforms and are mostly researching services and product for immediate or future use. Local search needs to become a true linchpin in your success. Most small businesses are not even listed in local search and many are suffering the consequences of that. Finding a local company is one of the main priorities for mobile users. You may have the greatest product or service in the history of the world but if no one knows about it you will soon be doing something else to make a living.
  • With regard to local search, its importance continues to grow especially at those local pages that contain maps. The information that surfers are looking for must be there. Your location, phone number and hours are the bare minimum. Who you are and what you do should be there along with your web address. Sadly, most small businesses not only have no local search presence but those that do are woefully wanting in providing this basic information.
  • In recent research performed at comScore, it seems that well over 80% of mobile users who are out searching for a product or service are actually clicking through or visiting a store. Over 80% of mobile users are being converted into sales. If they are searching on mobile it is because they are serious about solving a problem that only you may be able to solve. That is, of course, if you can be found.

So, the real question for your business remains: Are you going mobile or are you going home?