Google Adds New Features to AdWords for your Internet Marketing Resources

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As a premier internet marketing company, you would consider that you know everything there is about internet marketing, right? How else do you stay ahead of the competition? The answer is a resounding no, it’s impossible to know everything about internet marketing due to the ever changing structure of the internet and more importantly, Google.

How can you tell which one of your conversions are unique and which ones are bots? Google aims to answer that question for your internet marketing resources with the release of a new AdWords feature called flexible conversion counting. This will give you an improved way of counting those conversions that really matter.

Google states that this feature will allow your internet marketing resources to have a better measure of the value of each click that turns into actual results for your company. This is just the latest of a long list of improved conversion-tracking features from Google.

Google’s goal is to help your business better understand the value that you get from their AdWords tool and to improve the accuracy of the measures that you take with their conversion tracking tools.

The first of these was Google’s cross-account conversion tracking that was released with search funnels for AdWords. Two months later in the fall of 2013, they released estimated cross-device conversions globally so you could track conversions from phone calls, store visits, and conversions from ads on the search and display network.

To make it easier for your internet marketing resources, Flexible conversion counting replaces the conventional methods of counting conversions (the one-per-click) and conversions columns (many-per-click) with what Google is calling Converted clicks and Conversion columns. These improved conversion tracking features will help you understand the relative value of each click that will result in a real conversion.

This gives your internet marketing resources the ability to count all sales separately from any unique leads your internet marketing campaigns might generate for you. This in turn gives you a more accurate total number of conversions, which you can then use to better tweak and improve your internet marketing campaigns.

Google’s new conversion features are great for your internet marketing resources and aren’t things to be ignored. If you aren’t embracing the new conversion features your competitors will be and will leave you behind in the process.