Google’s Phantom update now in place

Google has released the newest algorithm update they call Phantom. It has been in place for only a short time but many businesses are already noticing some SEO marketing ranking changes and anomalies. It has been aptly named as there was no warning from Google that they were about to adjust the rules of the game once again.

  • As it has been for quite a long time with Google, content remains the most potent weapon in your SEO marketing arsenal. While Google has been sidestepping any direct comments with regard to this update’s significance, it does appear as if you had best be paying attention to it.
  • Quality design and quality content continue to be at the forefront of Google’s attention. They have defined quality over the years and continue to refine their thoughts on it. Quality and updated content, both written and video, that is directed toward your customer base is what continues to be a SEO marketing priority for everyone.
  • Articles that are the same or are not related to your target base will continue to be frowned upon by Goggle’s search engine. It is all about the substance of your content. People want information they can use to improve their lives and to make decisions regarding products and services. Watch you ad density. Too many ads on the home page and throughout the side may annoy your customers and anger the Google gods. There must be a proper balance and they must be as subtle and as embedded as possible.
  • Poor writing and editing is simply killing many sites. Too many businesses are looking at the bottom line when they hire writers. Not all writers are the same and you must hire quality regardless of cost. They are an investment in your future. It is time that the business world recognized that quality writers have worth and that you need as many as you can get.
  • It still remains all about establishing relationships and building trust with your visitors and customers. Your SEO marketing efforts must be absolutely focused on those two things. It’s all about them and will be for the foreseeable future.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer