Great VSEO Tips that are Often Ignored

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YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind daddy Google. But we don’t often think of YouTube as this massive search engine site, only a site that hosts videos. In reality though, people use YouTube to find what they want and need in the form of videos.

This is where Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) comes in. See, in the past, the easiest way to connect with those people was to post your target keywords in the title of your videos. It was a guaranteed ranking. But gone are those days as YouTube sees over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute now. It’s easy to get lost amid the sea of video that is YouTube nowadays. This has placed more emphasis on the importance of VSEO to your internet marketing strategies.

Using VSEO to optimize your videos is very easy and you can get your videos bumped up in the rankings in no time by following these simple VSEO tips for YouTube.

1. Use Closed Captions

YouTube videos allow you to place closed captions in videos you upload now. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a button on the bottom right of every video that is labeled “CC.” This can enable closed captions for a viewer if they wish and if you have created them. YouTube is a global brand and your video that you create in this country will possibly be watched as far as Europe and beyond.

The greatest part about closed captions is that they will be ‘crawled’ by the YouTube search bots. You might be thinking that it might be difficult to include closed captions with your video. This is not the case anymore. YouTube has an intuitive speech recognition technology that will automatically detect the lines when they are spoken and match it to the video’s audio. All you need to do for your VSEO is to upload the script and the captions will more than likely appear in sync with the video.

2. Use that Script in Other Places

You’ve created a script for use with your closed captioning, but that’s not the only place to put that script. One of the easiest tricks is to take that script and add it to your description. This is another place that will get indexed by Google. This means your script will get indexed twice which will be a boost to your VSEO.

3. Use your Keywords

This should go without saying, but you should be trying to place your target keywords anywhere you can as long as they are relevant to the video you are posting. One of the most overlooked places is the actual video file that you upload. Instead of some generic video name like MOV1234.AVI you should rename your video file with your keywords of what the video is about. Now, the viewer won’t be able to see this, but YouTube will. They’ll give the video what is called a relevancy credit as your video will have a better chance of being about what it says it is.

4. Create an Engaging Video

A duh factor for most, creating an engaging video should always be your number one priority. But why is this relevant for your VSEO?

YouTube no longer ranks videos based on the amount of views they have. They have shed the quantity over quality view that was held for a long time. Instead, they rank videos by how long viewers are watching the video for. If there are many viewers who watch the video all the way through, then you have an engaging video that will be ranked high. If there are many viewers who only watch half or less of your video, then that video won’t rank very well. It’s the quality of the views that are important for VSEO now, not the overall amount.

5. The Authority of your Channel Matters

Much like how the rest of the internet works, if you don’t have a high authority on YouTube, then your videos won’t have as much VSEO power as videos posted on a well established channel. You need to have established YouTube channels for your niche and post only relevant videos to your specific topics. This will help keep your VSEO in check and will help you build a viewer base.

By following these simple VSEO tips you can increase the rankings of your videos and boost your YouTube channel at the same time. Remember, it comes down to engaging content that holds the viewer’s attention for the whole video, and using your script strategically to boost your VSEO.