Hacks to put your brand into hyperdrive

Your brand is everything. You must promote it and guard it jealously everyday otherwise your company is doomed. Just ask any company or celebrity that has had a recent public relations disaster. Trying to recover from such a disaster is time consuming and it is not guaranteed that it will work despite the current public’s almost non-existent long term memory. All of your SEO and social media marketing efforts are aimed at establishing your brand and bringing home a compelling and engaging story that drives traffic and creates conversions time and time again.

  • It starts with your marketing team, or your professional marketing firm, and has since the beginning of your company. You know the image you wish to project. You know where your customers are. You know your products and/or services will solve problems and create added value far better than your rivals. You have developed engaging content, both written and video, that tells everyone about your company and what it has to offer. All of this you continue on a daily basis pounding away at your competition and improving your overall marketing all of the time directed only at making your brand the dominant player in the market.
  • One of the greatest of all brand boosters is finding someone relatively famous to endorse you and to do marketing for you. They don’t have to be a famous professional athlete or a movie star. There are famous people and celebrities right there in your region. Sure, there will be a cost to this project but it will be an investment that will pay off big time for your branding efforts. One advantage is that you bring immediate credibility to your company as well as having access to that celebrity’s contacts and social network. Your brand will be viewed as a successful venture because of the celebrity’s perceived success and will allow you to gain more traction with regard to news and feature story opportunities.
  • Another great hack for bringing your brand to the forefront quickly and with force is to find news stories that relate to your industry or profession and promote them everywhere along with your brand. The reflection will be that your brand is an important player in the industry and stories can be used to educate and inform. By associating with the industry or profession, it brings you a wider audience, stronger credibility, and engaging content that can be shared and cost you nothing but time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer