Here’s why going viral is more than just luck

Having a piece of content go viral is one of the greatest boosts you can give to your brand awareness. Far too many small business owners believe that something that has gone viral was all just a matter of dumb luck. There are some rather large and famous brands out there that have never had that mindset. They continue to regularly produce content at their social media platforms that ends up going viral for them. So, what are they doing that you aren’t?

  • The first, and most important, thing they are doing is they are studying and knowing their potential audience. For your content to have any manner of chance of going viral, it must be highly targeted to a specific audience. The audience must engage with it so profoundly that they can’t help but want to share it.
  • To say your content must profoundly engage goes without saying as should choosing the proper social media platform for your content. Not all of the social media platforms have the same type of audience. Your data is where you will be able to pinpoint your targets. Your due diligence should also provide you with the optimum times to post your content. Each social media platform has those prime times when their viewership is at its height.
  • Try and heighten your potential engagement with some additional advertising to draw your audience in. It will also work wonders for your viral efforts if you can engage and recruit some social media influencers in your industry or profession. They will spread the word along their network and give your content a huge boost with regard to content going viral for you.
  • Share the content of others and make sure you are measuring your success as well as your failures. Knowing what you are doing right will get you down to a system that should, eventually, lead your content to the promised viral land. Also, be certain that your calls to action are everywhere. You need to let your audience know exactly what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer