Here’s why you’re not more productive

If it is one thing most people wish for in their lives, it is to somehow be more productive. To somehow get more done in less time or, at least, in the same amount of time. There are certain mindsets and strategies that will allow you to this and they are near religion to those who are actually the most efficient and productive among us.

  • The one thing that sets productive and efficient people above the rest of the slackers is that they have goals and they have specific plans for achieving those goals. Teamed with this is a sense of self propulsion and the ability to work by themselves and to be self directed. They avoid micromanagement like the proverbial plague and never associate with those people who believe micromanagement actually works.
  • Highly productive and efficient people are great problem solvers and take constructive criticism as a method by which they can get better. They won’t, however, accept criticism from just anyone. Simply because someone is their boss, or may outrank them, doesn’t necessarily mean that they accept that person as someone qualified to critique their performances. They must respect the person who offers them a critique. Someone they consider farther along the road than them. Someone they know will provide them with valuable feedback that will allow them to excel over the long term.
  • They don’t follow the crowd because they know the crowd tends to do just enough to get by. They are never slackers because they know what they need to do and they know how to do it. Their time management skills have been finely honed into a weapon of achievement for them. They are neat and orderly. They have a routine and a system that allows them to maximize their time and their efforts.
  • Finally, they have superb people skills and can communicate effectively with anyone about anything. They maintain a positive outlook and keep their positive energy levels high. They are also highly efficient networkers who can give as good as they take.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer