How can you attract a larger following to your Google+ site?

Vector illustration of 3d cube block with media iconGoogle+ has been making a serious run at being a major player on the social media scene and will continue to do so. It would be in the best interest of your company and brand to, not only be out there, but to have a more effective strategy for attracting followers and driving traffic.

Google+, with an estimated 500 million users, currently ranks as the number two social media site in the world. Facebook still dominates as the number one site but many remain surprised at Google+ and its ability to reach potential customers.

  • One strategy for boosting your business page at Google+ is to post entertaining and educational content designed to inspire and make people love your brand. Treat it in a more personal way, like a blog, designed to speak to a person on an individual level. Don’t declare, have conversations.
  • Despite the numbers, Google+ is not as populated as Facebook so take advantage of your circles. Develop them so you have complimentary people and brands there for your readers to share and take advantage of.
  • You must have a personal profile out there. It is critical in establishing trust. People like to do business with people they like. Let everyone get to know you and your brand. It will allow you to portray yourself, and your company, as someone approachable who has their customer’s best interests in mind. You don’t want to be just another faceless corporate giant. If you are a faceless corporate giant, it is an opportunity to humanize yourself and your brand.
  • Use the page as a way of doing due diligence and keeping up with trends and fads. Knowing what people care about, and are interacting about, will allow you to become more intimate with your readers. This will translate into trust and traffic.
  • Set yourself up as an authority on what you do and post videos in the Hangouts on Air section. This will boost your credibility regardless of your size. In addition, it will go a long way toward developing a community of followers. Think of it as interacting with your extended family.
  • Ask your followers to spread the word by getting them to “+1” you. If they do this, you will end up being seen by all of those who follow their particular Google+ page. It is an opportunity to go as viral as you can.
  • In this vein, get everyone you know, especially friends, business associates and family, to “like” your Google+ page at Facebook and other social media sites they may be involved with. Again, spreading the word, driving traffic, increasing conversions.
  • Join other communities that might be of relevance to your brand as a way of extending your reach into niche’s you may not currently be in.

One thing you need to do this year is develop an effective Google+ presence. Integrate this site into your overall social media strategy and watch your traffic and conversions soar.