How chatbots can increase customer engagement

When it comes to initial engagement, small businesses will use every weapon they can to draw in and engage a potential customer. Chatbots have become one of those weapons that have seen greater use of late. The reason seems obvious to many and that reason being that they work. In some recently published research, Userlike decided to find out how effective chatbots actually are with regard to customer engagement and moving them along the sales funnel. The following is taken directly from their published research:


graph showing that most respondents have chatted with a bot


graph showing people between 45-59 have never chatted with a bot


graph showing consumers prefer human help


graph showing a chatbot's quick responses as being the most positive aspect


graph showing chatbot's incapability to answer question as a main negative aspect


graph showing respondents would use a chatbot to find an human agent


graph showing that consumers think the option to transfer to an agent is important

-Written by Kevin Sawyer