How solos can gain ground every day

Being a consultant or solopreneur means that you could be losing ground, losing momentum, every day and never even notice until it is too late. There is just so much to do and so little time. And, there is only you. So, what can you do to gain some needed momentum and keep yourself and your vision moving forward every day?

  • The first challenge tends to be in the areas of finding a mentor and taking advice. Ideally, you should not be taking advice from more than two or three people. One of the most crippling momentum killers are those consultants and solos who take advice from people who are not as accomplished as they are. Doing so is a huge mistake as it wastes your time and saps your energy. As for seeking out a mentor, choose one carefully. They should be someone older than yourself who actually reached those levels of accomplishment that you are seeking. Or, at the very least, someone who is already a few steps ahead of where you are now.
  • Other areas where solos lose ground every day are where they spend too much time comparing themselves to others. In an attempt to define some sort of normality, they never realize that everyone’s “normal” is different. Another area that is killing momentum is the area of “due diligence” or “self-improvement”. Too many spend far too much time with reading, seminars, webinars and such to the point where they get almost nothing else done. A good rule of thumb for avoiding this momentum killing pit is four hours of serious production for every hour you spend on “self-improvement”.
  • One of the most glaring mistakes with regard to momentum are those solos whose egos get in the way everyday. These are the boy and girl wonders who think they can do everything themselves. They can’t, of course, but too many never realize it until long after the phone has stopped ringing. Get some help in those areas where you are weak be it operations, marketing or finance. It is worth doing because you gain time and momentum being able to do what you are great at. Time management and the proper allocation of you and your skills and talents are the keys to gaining and sustaining momentum every single day.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer