How To: Better Engage On Facebook

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Facebook, Marketing, Social Media

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Facebook has over 500 million active users which includes your customer base and other businesses that you work with. With that in mind, Facebook can be one of your best outlets to easily inform your customers about your company and for you to connect with other businesses to create a relationship with them. Facebook allows you to create a community that’s informative and interactive for employees, customers and businesses. Following are five tips to help you better interact B2B on Facebook.

1.  Use the Content you Have: If you have content that you’ve created for your own site like a blog post, e-zine, or a monthly newsletter, post that information to Facebook as well. Facebook has a 420 character limit as opposed to Twitter’s 160 character limit, but you’ll want to stay concise to keep their interest. This will also help create backlinks to your site and drive traffic there as well.

2. Engage your Audience: The best way to get your audience to interact with you is to end a blog post or status update with a question; a simple but effective method that will create a conversation and get them thinking about your company.

Questions can be used as a conversation starter as well, remember that people love to talk about themselves and their experiences. You can put up little trivia tid-bits about the company or a greeting with a “What did you do yesterday/over the weekend?” type question to promote a page to foster a community rather than a simple Facebook page where you just dump content about your company.

As with social media though, remember that it goes both ways, you have to engage in the conversations that you start and be part of the community that you create.

3. Multimedia: Facebook allows you to embed photos and videos right into your status updates which then goes straight to your users news feeds. This is a great tool to use so your audience doesn’t get bored by blocks of text every day. You’ll be able to tell a story and give your company a more human element that your customers will appreciate.

Complement the photos and videos with text to give background on what is going on and of course, ask questions to engage your audience in a conversation about their thoughts on your latest company outing.

4. Offer up Extras: By “Liking” your Facebook page, your customers have a way to track what your company is up to. To make your company stand out from the rest, present information that they couldn’t get anywhere else like early product announcements, photos of what goes on behind the scenes and Facebook only promotions and contests.

5. Tag Your Friends: Facebook allows you to tag people and other pages in status updates that is similar to Twitter’s “@ mention.” This is especially useful when your status updates include information about other businesses you work with and target demographics such as media coverage and shows/conventions you may go to. If a magazine has done an interview with your company, create a post about it on Facebook and tag that magazine in your post. Your post will show up on their page as well and increase your company’s exposure.

When other people and companies tag you, those posts will show up on your news feed. This lets your customers know that your company is worthy of a mention and increases your company’s coverage on Facebook. So remember to tag your partners and asking others to tag you in their posts to boost these mentions.

After reading through these tips and tricks, your company should be able to boost their Facebook presence and create a better, more interactive community on their Facebook page.