How To: Boost your SEO Exposure

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Every blog and every website lives or dies depending on the amount of traffic they get. Your website or blog is constantly fighting others online for traffic. It’s a competitive online world where your site can get lost easily. The goal for any website is to have a high enough SEO or Search Engine Optimization rating that they are able to land on the first page of Google. The right SEO services can land you on those elusive first pages. Getting traffic gradually won’t always work, however, sometimes you’ll have to utilize some tactics to get traffic instantly. Here are some tips to help you attract instant traffic to your blog.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Sites like Digg and Reddit can help your blog get a great amount of traffic in a very short amount of time. By placing a link in your own account, other users can vote it up if it’s good enough. The more votes your post gets, the more popular it will get, this will create more traffic for you. The way to succeed with this is to create a catchy headline to get their attention to want to click on it. The title is the key.

Utilize Other Blogs

As a blogger or website owner you should always have a list of other popular blogs in your industry. These can be used to gain traffic to your blog. The way to do this is to comment on their newest posts, but be one of the first few commenters on the post. People tend to notice the first few comments as they’re close to the post. It can’t just be any comment though, it has to be a valuable and insightful comment that will attract other readers to it. This can generate some good traffic for you.

Investigate Forums

For improved SEO services, try using high traffic forums to get a good amount of instant traffic to your site. Only target forums that are based on your industry though. The way to do this is to create a new thread in the forum that contains information about your blog and leave the link inside the forum post.

This may or may not work in some forums, and there’s a chance you’ll be flagged as a spammer for making such a post. For this method to work, and to avoid being flagged as a spammer, you have to spend some time in the forums and participate in them to become a reputable member first.


One of the easiest tricks to attract traffic to your site is to create a fun video with information in it that your readers won’t be able to find elsewhere easily. The goal behind any online video is to make it go viral which will make traffic come to your site in droves. Your video content is the key to this and it has to be intelligent and entertaining. YouTube’s SEO services will rank the video higher as it gets more traffic and with little effort, you’ve attracted a higher amount of traffic.


One of the easiest methods for creating traffic is also one of the costliest. This all comes down to choosing the right website or blog and advertising with them. This also requires you to have a good landing page for those advertisements.

What advertising allows you to do though is create subscribers. You can build a good, solid readership of your blog by creating a subscriber base through advertising.

These tips and tricks can help you create more traffic and instant traffic to your website or blog. With the right SEO services, your site can become a popular page on the internet and rank higher in search engine results to give you the traffic you want.