How to capture the Millennial demographic

z133 Capturing the Millennial demographic is what most businesses today are trying to do with their branding and SEO and marketing efforts. These are the 18 to 30 something’s that have begun to flex their muscles in the workplace as well as in the market place. Understanding what makes them tick, and how to approach them, can mean a boost to your bottom line for some time to come.

  •  One of the major characteristics of this generation is their sense of, and need for, adventure and risk. Recent marketing data revealed that nearly 80% of the Millennials polled revealed that when they spend money it is for a particular experience rather than for a particular thing.
  • The unusual, the unique, and certainly something that is cutting edge new, attracts this generation like bears to honey. When working your brand awareness and SEO marketing campaigns, you need to make your product or service attractive in an experience sense. Explain the type of experience they will have should they engage your product or service.
  • You want to thrill them and show them that by using your product or service it will bring more excitement and adventure to their lives. Hosting events and working continuing stories into your branding and SEO marketing efforts will engage them far more than simple product placement and calls to action. Get them fired up and they will spend time and money on your products and services and their word of mouth is invaluable.
  • This is not a generation that is afraid to spend if they find something they believe will be worth their while. The average Millennial actually spends $100 a month just on coffee. They have combined incomes from student loans, their parent and from regular jobs. The major influences on them are word of mouth recommendations from people they know and from mobile discounts and coupons.
  • Once you know what they want and where they are, you can begin to refocus your branding and SEO marketing efforts. Begin to take aim at the Millennials and watch your bottom line grow accordingly.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer