How To: Increase Reader Engagement on Your Blog

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There are two types of internet marketing blogs on the internet, those with large community involvement, and those with no community involvement. A blog that gets over a thousand views a day but there’s no sharing, clicking of Google+, Facebook likes, or Re-tweets, no comments made, and you’re not able to sell products, isn’t a good blog. A blog that gets close to 500 views a day, but has an engaging audience that shares your content, comments, subscribes, and buys your product, is a much more successful internet marketing blog.

In the world of blogging, view count isn’t nearly as important as what those viewers are doing once they’re on your blog. Reader engagement is much more important than your overall hit count. Here are some tips to increase reader engagement on your internet marketing blog:

1. Quick Stories are Good: It’s a well known fact that people like to read stories. In this digital age though, most of your readers are more likely to skim a large wall of text on a blog. When telling a story, keep it quick and get to the point. Don’t draw it out or you’ll lose most of your readership after the first couple of paragraphs. This will increase your community engagement.

2. Add Media! Nothing is more boring than a wall of text on a blog. If there’s nothing to break up the text then your readers will zone out after the beginning. Mix things up by adding videos, photos, and audio to your blog. This will give readers a break from the text and give them something else to talk about and share with their friends.

3. Encourage them to Stay: Once people have read your newest blog post, they’re more likely to leave and venture off to other spaces on the internet. A way to keep viewers on your internet marketing blog is to give them links to other relevant blog posts that they may be interested in. This will keep them on your site longer and will make it more likely for them to engage in the community there and share your content with their friends.

4. Give your Readers Something to Do: Every blogger has the right idea in posting a blog and encouraging their readers to comment and talk about it. The pro-bloggers though go one step further and give their viewers a little homework to do, this could be a weekly or monthly challenge, or even a daily quick quiz. A blogger could add prizes too for the monthly challenges that would increase traffic to your internet marketing blog. Viewers with something to accomplish will want to flaunt their accomplishments to their internet friends. This can create a community that’s competitive and helpful.