How To: Keep Viewers Watching To Improve your VSEO

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The goal for any videos that you post on YouTube is to draw in viewers to showcase your products or service and to keep them watching. Videos are also a great way to improve your VSEO (video search engine optimization) as long as there is quality content that surrounds the video.

YouTube has many search algorithms that you can tap into to increase your video’s search engine rank, and one of their newest changes is that they favor the amount of watch time that videos get. This means that the longer viewers stay on your videos, the higher those videos will rank in search. What this doesn’t mean is that you should make many long-form videos of 10 minutes or more, watch time equals the length of time videos keep viewers on the site. One of the best ways to improve your VSEO is to do this through by making playlists.

One of the easiest tactics for increasing watch time is to link to a themed playlist at the end of your videos instead of a specific video. Usually, you’ll have a video preview that a viewer can click to watch one video at the end of your videos. Use that video preview to link to content inside of a playlist, using a playlist URL instead. This will bring viewers to a playlist player interface which will give them a playlist of your videos. If they find the content useful or entertaining, viewers will be more likely to stay and watch, which will increase your VSEO and increase your videos search engine ranking.

The way you can check to see if this is working is to check your YouTube Analytics under Views Reports, there is a pull-down menu called Compare Metric where you can click Unique Cookies, this will show you that if viewers are watching more videos per session, then your new playlist strategy is working. This is a great way to increase your VSEO through YouTube playlists and keep viewers watching your videos.