How to look like a genius on the Big Three social media sites

Social Media During the month of May, in honor of National Small Business Week, the CEO’s of the Big Three social media platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook got together in New York City for a roundtable discussion on the current state of social media. The direction your online marketing and social media marketing needs to go just may have been revealed for the foreseeable future.

  •  The three CEO’s reiterated what has been written here before, and else where. Social media marketing is crucial to your business success yet each social media platform offers a different demographic and desired outcome.
  • One thing noted about Facebook is that, as has been noted before, “likes” don’t matter. What matters is using Facebook to drive traffic to your website. Facebook will continue to be a serious engine for doing just that. Also, context is the key to your success. Twitter and Facebook are less formal and more conversational while LinkedIn is highly professional and somewhat more formal and well mannered.
  • As always, when executing your social media marketing, you must offer some value to your customer. If you are a pet supply business, you may get tons of “likes” showing cute photos of kittens. However, are those cute pictures driving sales? Are they moving inventory? If not, get rid of them and give your customers something they can use that has value in their immediate lives.
  • Think smaller numbers are target your demographic. Reach out to the pet owners in a 15 mile radius or so of your store with special offers and discounts. Sure, it’s not Facebook’s one billion users but it could be a solid ten thousand or so that just may rush your store for a great deal.
  • The same goes for LinkedIn. Too often, it was noted, LinkedIn users go out onto the platform and are just looking to take without returning any sort of value. Out there, you are your company and you need to approach it as a company using sound social media marketing and networking strategies.
  • Finally, deliver quality content and offers that bring value to people’s lives. Post regularly and try to target your reach as best you can. Be a company of value and of values.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer