How To: Optimize your Content

Posted on May 10, 2013 in Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

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One of the toughest parts about blogging is getting ranked for SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can have great content but if no one is reading it because they can’t find it, what’s the point? This is where optimization comes in. By optimizing your content for SEO purposes, you’ll rank higher in search engines and end up gaining a wider audience. Here are a few tips to help you optimize your content:

Know your Audience

Before writing a single word, you have to know who it is that you’re writing for. What’s the aim of your blog? Without a solid base, you could be writing for multiple audiences without even realizing it, which will not help you garner much traffic. The goal with any blog is to find that target, niche audience that will give you exposure.

Know your Blog’s Purpose

This is a fairly simple point, but one that can help immensely for those bloggers who are all over the place. The one question any blogger needs to ask themselves before they start a blog is: “What is the purpose?” What this means is, will you be reviewing movies or discussing current politics, maybe talking about popular YouTube videos or classic cars? Figure out the purpose of your blog and optimizing content will be easy after that.

Keep Things Relevant

When it comes to SEO, one of the biggest things to focus on is keeping your content updated and relevant. Whatever your focused topic or industry is, it’s important to keep up with all the latest news and happenings within it. Your audience wants to be kept updated about what’s going on without having to go too far to find the information. By keeping on top of the latest trends, your blog will generate more traffic as users search for the newest information.

Optimize for SEO

A few points:

  • Check the relevancy of Keywords with tools such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Link back to content on your website that is relevant to the blog post
  • A catchy title that will attract users
  • Place keywords in title and description but don’t overstuff

Content optimization and SEO go hand-in-hand. With better practice your blog can rank higher and higher on search engine results pages and get you the audience that you want.