How To: Optimize Your Video for VSEO

Posted on August 5, 2013 in SEO

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We know that VSEO stands for video search engine optimization, but what exactly does video optimization mean? One of the things to pay attention to is that the content of your video matches the keywords that you carefully researched. The goal for any VSEO is to engage your audience and get ranked high on search engine results pages. The main focus for you is the use of your keywords in places such as the title, tags, and the description of the video that gets uploaded to a hosting site.

The Right VSEO Optimization

Video optimization to most means picking the right video format, making sure the audio and video sound good, but in the world of VSEO, the rules are different. VSEO and video optimization represent the proper use of the text that goes with the video. This text usually consists of the title, tags and the description of the video. Another name for this information is meta data.

VSEO and Search Engine Results

The goal for any video is for it to rank high on a video hosting site’s search page. But your real goal is to get it to rank on a real search engine site such as Google or Bing. This is the real basis of search engine marketing and your VSEO.

You know you have a successful video when that video is able to rank high on both YouTube’s and Google’s search pages. It’s very possible to accomplish this goal and you’ll feel successful once you see your video’s thumbnail show up on the front page of a Google search.

Keywords and your VSEO

All the text that surrounds a video is searchable. The title, the tags, and the description are all examples of text that cannot be ignored when it comes to your videos. You may want a catchy title for your video but it’s important to put at least one or two keywords or a key phrase in your title. Be careful not to overload it with too many keywords though or else it will look like you’re just pandering to search engines and people will ignore your video.

Make sure to place what keywords you do use in your title and description in the tags area, using spaces to separate single keywords and using quotes for your key phrases. Place your most important keywords first in the tags area as these will show up as your primary keywords for your video when a search engine crawler comes to index your page.

The Description and your VSEO

When it comes to your description, this is where you place the link to your site so it can be easily found by your viewers. You want to use a fully formed URL (that means add the http://www to the beginning of it) so the link becomes live and is a clickable link. The link should be placed near the beginning of the description so that it is visible right away without your viewers having to click the “more info” button. Encourage your viewers to visit your website in the description and place keywords intermittently through out it so it gets indexed by search engines.

By following these tips for your VSEO video optimization, you will get your videos ranked not only on a video hosting site’s search results page but also the search results page of Google. This will give your videos more exposure and give them more chances to be found when your target keywords are searched for.