How to Optimize your Videos for SEO Benefit

Video Search Engine Optimization or VSEO requires the right key phrases and keyword research that regular SEO requires in order to be ranked high on search engines. It is very important for your video to have the right keywords as this will make your video easier to find and provides the user with the experience they’re looking for while watching it. This requires a strong SEO campaign and a smart strategy for video content creation.

One of most important parts to this strategy is the research that goes into the keywords. The most difficult part to any VSEO campaign is finding the right keywords as you want to avoid high volume, high competitive keywords and those keywords that are only searched for a few times per month.

Once you’ve found the right balance of keywords you want to make sure you use them in the:

  • Filename
  • Title tag
  • Description
  • Tags and Link text

On top of using keywords on your page in those locations, here are some other tips and tricks for keywords to optimize your VSEO campaign.

1.  Google Analytics can tell you what Keywords Users are Searching ForNeed a VSEO campaign in New Hampshire? SearchPro Systems has the solutions your company needs.

The most important part of your VSEO campaign as we’ve talked about is the keyword research that goes into it. With Google Analytics, you have the ability to see exactly what terms users are searching for. What you’ll find is that your average customers aren’t finding you through industry specific terms so don’t use those unless you’re aiming towards a B2B market.

Once you’ve gathered the information from Google Analytics you’ll want to split the terms into two categories:

  1. Those that match your current on-page content.
  2. Keywords you don’t have any on-page or video content for.

Using Google Analytics can also provide you with questions users might have. This is a great way to make videos aimed at those questions and drive traffic to your site.

 2. Less Keywords for each Video or Web Page

What this means is that you want to aim to use one or two keywords to construct a page around. When creating a video or page on one topic the rest of the page should also focus on that topic instead of trying to show off your entire catalogue of products. You have to remember that websites don’t rank, the web pages that make up the site do. If your pages have specific keywords and content, then search engines are more likely to return them higher in search engine results.

Keep it simple and optimize your pages for just one or two keywords each and you’ll benefit greatly.

3. Provide Content On-Page with a Video

Search engines are huge fans of fresh, new, original content. It’s also easier for search engines (like Bing, Google and Youtube) to recognize and rank video content if there is copy on the video landing page. There are a few ways to go about this that will instantly improve your video content.

  • Use the Header Tags on the page without keyword stuffing
  • Place the video transcript that you’ve already written on the page for relevant content
  • The target keyword is in the URL
  • Invite user participation by having a comments section. Google will see that it’s an active page and rank it higher.
  • Include links that go to other pages on your site.

4. Video, Video, Video

The word ‘video’ is your friend. While searching for specific videos, users are searching for the content by including the word ‘video’ in their search. It’s important for you to include this word in the title tag, description, and the on-page content. Using the word ‘video’ may give you an edge over your competitors who aren’t using video content in their marketing campaign.

So the first step for VSEO? Keyword research. This is the most relevant and important part of any SEO campaign. This will drive the traffic you want to your site and will improve your marketing strategy for your company.