How to Use Google Instant to Increase Online Visibility

Posted on January 14, 2013 in SEO

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Google Instant is a search engine feature that displays the search results page instantly based on popular searches. When you understand how Google Instant works, you can use it to find the best keywords for your services.

The better the keywords, the higher your page will list in Google results.

How Does It Work?
With Google Instant, you could be looking for “social media marketing Boston” and Google Instant will display a search results page as you type each word. First it will display a page for “social media,” then results for “social media marketing” and finally a search results page for “social media marketing Boston.”

What Does This Mean for SEO?
There’s a concern in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing community that this could negatively impact how SEO works for long-tailed keywords, which are phrases containing three or more words. Will this really mess up your SEO?

No, and here’s why: Google Instant actually helps your SEO, because it allows you to discover the most popular search terms. As you type, the keywords Google has found to be used most often show up in gray in the search box.

Deciding on your keywords used to be a bit of a guessing game – but Google Instant changes that. It tells you exactly what keywords and phrases are the top hits.

For example, you could start out by typing “social media” into the search box, which yields “social media sites,” “social media marketing” and “social media jobs.” Continue to type in “social media agency” and the results page changes completely and your top three results would change to “social media agency Boston,” “social media agency pricing,” and “social media agency of the year.” See how easy Google Instant makes things?

Don’t Forget the Basics of Keywords
The basic keywords you need to implement into your website should consist of the services you provide and your location. This will give you a base to work with. After you have a list of base keywords, expand it by making some more specific terms that potential clients might type in. For example, someone could look for “SEO Boston.”

You’ve got the Keywords – Now What?
Make sure to use your base keywords a couple of times on your home page and other important pages. The home page should have keywords for your primary service and your location. Once you’re done inserting keywords into your home page, move onto your “About” page and insert some keywords there as well. Go to each individual service page and check to see if your location is on each page.

By following these steps, your page’s SEO score will increase. Remember, you want to increase your visibility and ranking for as many keywords and variations of those keywords as possible.
And finally, don’t set up five or six keywords and keyword phrases and then let your website sit for six months. SEO is a process, not a destination.

Luckily, Google Instant makes the journey that much easier.