How To: Use Keywords on your Website

Posted on January 25, 2013 in Google, Marketing, SEO

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When it comes to start marketing your website for SEO purposes, the first thing to look into is too see what your target audience is searching for in relation to terms that are relevant to your service or product. These terms are called keywords, a fairly common term now in Internet marketing, but what are they exactly?

The Keyword: What a keyword is, is the word or phrase that a user types into a search engine in order to start a search. If a customer or potential client wants to find your company they might type in “Social Media Agency” in the search engine field. Customers looking in a specific location would type in that information as well.

Why They’re Important: The point behind keywords is to connect you with your customers or potential clients. It’s important to understand what people are searching for when looking for the service or product you provide. You can use a tool like Google’s AdWords tool to help you figure out what users are looking for online.

Basics of Keywords: The very first keywords you should focus on are the ones that relate to your location and the services you offer, for example, “social media agency Boston.” To get a good list of the keywords to target, make a list of all the services or products you offer. Take each term and add it with your location and this will give you a starting list of keywords.

Where to Place Keywords: Your keywords should be placed in the areas where you want to drive the most traffic. Your homepage is the best place for keywords that relate to your primary service and your location. Product and service pages should also have keywords as well as your site’s “About” page. Make sure to include your location on these pages to help boost their search rankings. Other places for keywords include:

  • Blog entries
  • Video titles
  • Social media posts
  • Links

Once you have a grasp on keywords you’ll have a handle on the basics of SEO, which can help you and your company increase your presence online.