How To: VSEO Research

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Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) research is where any successful Video SEO campaign starts. You have to get information about:

  • Your Products
  • Your Target Customer
  • Their buying habits
  • Internet search Keywords and phrases

More importantly, you have to look into your competition and find out what is working for them. Check out their videos, how are they selling their product? What keywords do you notice are working for them? Get a sense of the customer experience their videos offer and use that to motivate you to create a better video product for your own customers.

VSEO Keyword Research

The internet is your friend when it comes to keyword research. The biggest factor in any VSEO campaign is to find the keywords and phrases that relate to what your brand is promoting and selling. Finding the keywords isn’t enough though, you have to find the ones that show a return on a high search volume. A great free tool for this is to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to search for keywords and phrases that relate to your products and show which ones get the most traffic.

VSEO Keyword Matching

While looking through lists upon lists of keywords and keyword phrases, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. Adjust your ‘Match’ type while doing research to ‘Exact.’ This means that when users are searching for terms, they are typing in the exact same words in the exact same order as what you are looking for. The goal is to try to find keyword phrases that has a high volume of traffic (upwards to a 1000 a month is a good place to start) and that relate to your product and brand.

What all this research does for you is allow you to try to get free traffic on the internet. This type of traffic is called ‘Organic Traffic.’ Running an Organic VSEO campaign along with a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your website will give you the added bonus of showing up just about anywhere online when someone searches for your carefully researched keywords.