How To: VSEO Video Creation

Posted on July 31, 2013 in SEO

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VSEO starts at research and continues with creating the video next. But what goes into a video and what’s the most optimal video that can be helpful to your customers? Your videos will need to compel your customers to stay and watch the entire thing and influence them to be interested in your product. Here are some tips to help you with your VSEO video creation.

Video Creation with VSEO Focus

You have to determine what kind of video you’re going to make, because if you make the wrong kind of video, your users will be bored and will move on to other videos that they’re interested in. Research favors the informational video as the most creative and shareable form of video for companies. These videos usually consist of a:

  • How To
  • Information about a certain product or service
  • Why your product is better vs. the leading competitor

When thinking about the type of video you want to make, consider common questions that come up in your industry and aim to answer those. Be helpful, provide a tutorial if necessary, and add helpful tips that typical consumers normally wouldn’t know about.

A video that is helpful to consumers and presented in a creative manner will be more likely to get shared which will generate more traffic for you. Make sure that the content of your video relates to the keyword research you did previously, this will help boost your VSEO.

The Video is the Salesman

The process for creating a video that is both within your targeted time range and is powerful and compelling, can be difficult. Your video is your sales agent though, it has to provide information the consumers want and encourage them to complete an action. This can mean that the viewer is compelled to go to your website, purchase a product, or complete a survey.

VSEO and the Call to Action

The best sales presentations always have at least one great call to action, this translates over into videos as well. Your videos should have a call to action that convinces your customers to visit your website so they can see all of your products and get the answers they want. Your call to action should entice the customer.

Add Your Website URL

The goal for any of your videos is to have a convincing call to action to get them to go to your website. Unfortunately, getting your URL posted can be tricky with most video hosting sites. The way to get around this is to add it visually in the video. This won’t be a link your viewers can click on, but the visibility will add incentive to the viewer to visit the site. The best place to put your URL is on the bottom third of the video and let it run the entire length of the video if it’s practical to do so. Also mention your URL at some point during your video so the site will show up in your closed caption text file. This will help your VSEO as that file is indexable by Google.