How to win at the social media marketing game

Businessman drawing a Cloud There are certain strategies and procedures you need to put into place for your social media marketing efforts to pay off big. If you are just starting out, you would be well advised to understand the current strategies that are working to build and audience and drive traffic.

  • Social media marketing is all about building a strong brand. This means you need to listen more and talk less. See what is energizing your potential audience and then provide the content and the inspiration they are looking for.
  • Friends and connections are useless to you if they are not active. You are better off with 1000 devoted followers who read your content and buy your products and services that it is to have 100,000 who never take any action. Focus on your core and give them what they want.
  • It is all about building the relationships on social media platforms. This takes time. In these times where people expect their wants to be gratified immediately, not so with SEO and social media marketing. It is relationship building and that takes concerted effort and time.
  • You must attract the influencers in your industry. They are vital to your social media marketing success. One great review or word from them and they can drive some serious traffic to your site by igniting their followers to do so.
  • Starting off with a small but loyal band of followers will increase your overall traffic. Your followers will tell their followers and “friends” how great you and your company are. Quality content and meaningful dialogue that brings added value to their lives is the key to it all.
  • Finally, you must be accessible to succeed. People want to know there are caring people behind your online presence. Ignore them, especially negative comments, at your peril. It’s always about the dialogue. It’s always about the relationship. It’s always about providing quality information and bringing value into their lives.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer