If you are not mobile soon, you will be irrelevant to the search engines

Posted on March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

z144 Most small businesses, by now, know that they must have responsive design in their SEO strategy so as to be able to project properly on mobile devices. However, a recent pronouncement by Google has made going mobile no longer an option for any business regardless of size. If you are not mobile by April 21, 2015, your company just may end up being totally irrelevant to the search engines. Or, at least, to Google and, sadly, that’s all that counts.

  •  Google has declared that those sites that are already optimized for mobile will rank higher in SEO results. It is just one more component to Google’s ongoing ranking algorithms.
  • Another new ranking factor is the fact that the proliferation of mobile apps will now be considered in every SERP. Therefore, if you can’t properly display an app, then you are going to lose standing. This new ranking factor will be on a world wide basis, in many languages, and will significantly affect your SEO and your ranking on a SERP.
  • Google has a tool by which you can test your site to see if you are coming up in their new mobile friendly search engine results and rankings. If your website falls short of Google’s expectations, it will show you how and where you need to improve your mobile readiness.
  • If you have begun to notice a significant drop in your traffic coming from mobile devices, it is, likely, an indication that your site is not mobile ready enough to compete with the new SEO algorithm.
  • There are a couple of ways you can get ready if you’re not already. You can have a responsive site so that everything that displays well on a desktop or laptop will translate perfectly to a cell phone or tablet. You can have an adaptive strategy whereby a server can just send a different signal so as to display properly. Finally, you can simply set up an alternate website that is specifically designed for mobile users. It will just be the mobile version of your current website and mobile users will be seamlessly transferred there once they come to you.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer