If you are playing to win, you must have a video strategy

Video Production & Video SEO Incorporating a video marketing strategy into your overall marketing and brand awareness campaigns is crucial to your future competitiveness. Your SEO and brand awareness efforts must move toward video. If you don’t move soon, you risk being overtaken by your competitors. More than half of all American consumers are accessing video in huge amounts via their cell phones and tablets.

  • While your SEO and content strategies are in place and working well it is time to explore putting your company’s message and image out there in short videos. The consumer is gravitating toward video presentations so it must compliment your current strategies and be treated on the same level as your content marketing strategy.
  • Producing a video is far less expensive that producing and paying for a commercial on television. They can be short and powerful glimpses of your products and services and can be a huge factor in driving traffic to your site. Video marketing creates a huge opportunity to reach those demographics you have never thought of reaching before.
  • You must, as always, know your audience and who your potential customers are. Then, create video presentations around how you will bring value into their lives. Research has revealed that companies that engage and build emotional investments through video are twice as successful as their competitors who don’t use video marketing.
  • Use humor as this is the number one factor in video being shared across platforms. Show how your products and services work and how people can integrate them into their lives.
  • Use all of the platforms available to you and have videos available at your website. People are far more likely to watch a video than scroll through tons of text on your home page. Online videos, according to several sources, averages about 30-40 billion views every month.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer