Ignore social media B2B marketing at your peril

B2B textThe challenge with social media is that it tends toward what is trendy and, perhaps, what may go viral. Too many business owners and entrepreneurs ignore their fellow business owners when establishing their social media marketing strategy. Constantly striving to capture the attention of the fickle public leaves a black hole that is eating potential traffic.


Your social media presence exists to do one thing and one thing only and that is to drive traffic to your website.  Once there, your website’s mission is to increase conversions and generate more revenue. You cannot ignore the B2B market strategy if you are looking to increase your presence, your traffic, and your conversion rates. Recent studies and research has indicated that only around thirty percent of companies are targeting B2B with their social media marketing. This remains despite the fact that such giants as Yahoo and Google claim that over half of their advertisers are targeting other businesses.


For word of mouth, building brand awareness, and driving traffic, one is hard pressed to argue the effectiveness of social media. Though popularity and current fads seem to play a dominant role, deploying time tested B2B strategies just may boost your bottom line in unexpected ways. The potential is great since most are simply ignoring that segment in their social media marketing strategy.


Unfortunately, modern consumers have become rather accomplished at ignoring advertising of almost every type. They do not seem to understand its value. Unless, of course, they are searching for a product or service they want or need. Then, they begin to pay attention. Word of mouth, especially in the business community, is a most prized commodity. Make sure that your social media strategy allows for positive feedback and make it readily available to potential clients and customers. That give and take feedback situation can replace, or at least compliment, the face to face interaction that is so important in generating new business from the business world.


Engagement is critical to any social media marketing strategy and success. You must remain fully and regularly engaged with your readership. You must give them reasons to buy your product or service and never ignore those negative comments you will get. Address them immediately by correcting any false impressions or by burning the R&D midnight oil.

While still hardly mainstream, B2B marketing on the social media level is beginning to gain ground. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are discovering that they cannot afford to ignore that segment any longer.