Increase your social media engagement or should you just make a run for it?

Feet of running woman.The influence of social media on just about every aspect of our lives has become quite profound whether we want to embrace it or not. Can there be such a thing a social media burnout? Are businesses and entrepreneurs simply becoming lost in the shuffle of too much noise?

  • According too some latest research, over one billion tweets are sent out every two days.
  • The average person worldwide spends at least 16 minutes out of every hour online at some social media site.
  • Nearly 80% of all Americans are somehow connected to or affiliated with a social media site.
  • People, it seems, have begun to take some temporary time outs from their social media engagement. The reasons they give are varied such as being tired of reading less than intelligent comments, too much drama, and causing damage to a significant relationship in their lives.
  • Businesses can reach over 80% of the world’s population through social media.
  • What would you do with 8,000 copies of War and Peace? Well, according to Twitter, that is the total amount of wordage sent out in tweets every day. That ends up being 100,000 tweets per minute. Who is following all of that, anyway?
  • The mundane seems to be mistaken for information people are looking for. At last count there are over 100,000 videos out there in cyberspace dedicated to laundry and how to do it. Really?
  • Twenty million emails are sent off every fifteen seconds.
  • Studies are showing, more and more, how all of this technology is damaging to health and psyche to say nothing of the unspoken of addiction.

So, do we make a run for it or do we continue to engage? If you are a business, you have no option but to continue to engage your social media audience of potential customers. Remember to know your audience and keep your content and video concise. Make it easy for potential customers to find you and make it easier for them to pull the trigger and buy your product or service.