Infographic uncovers possible addiction to smartphones

Posted on April 1, 2014 in SEO

smartphone    The world today is hard wired. Especially for those under the age of forty. No one, it seems, can go for even a second or two without glancing down at their smartphone.


Or checking their email.


Or updating their social media.



 A recent study performed by Infographic revealed some troubling news about people’s ability to be without their technology, especially their smartphones. Nearly 70% of those surveyed told Infographic that they could not survive even a day without having their smartphone on them. For them, it is considered a high anxiety situation and considered an even greater stress producer than getting married or going to the dentist.

 There were other shocking revelations:


  • Over half of those surveyed have considered that they might be addicted to their smartphones, and technology, just like one can be addicted to drugs, gambling and alcohol. Over 70% of them believed that they know of someone, especially family and friends, who are likely addicted.
  • Nearly 60% have serious concerns that, like all other addictions, their use of the device will rise as time passes. Nearly 85% admitted that they believe such an addiction exists and nearly half admitted that they used their smartphone at least once every hour.
  • Infographic convinced seven people to go without their smartphone technology for a week. They were not allowed to use them except in cases of a work of family emergency. Some said they actually felt better without them. They felt less stressed, less hurried. Others, of course, showed textbook characteristics with regard to addiction, For them, there was frustration, severe anxiety and even anger at not having access to their smartphone technology.
  • Some of Infogaphics conclusions included people saying they actually had time for other things in their lives besides being at the constant beck and call of their phone. Being attached to the devices has caused a re-wiring of the brain. The addiction crushed attention spans and people lose focus from being so preoccupied with what’s happening with their smartphone and with those on the other end.Technology, it seems, is a tricky thing. For many, technology makes life easier. For many others, however, technology is a demanding master that has no empathy for its slaves.