Instagram overtakes YouTube as top influencer platform

Those who see what needs to be seen have seen this coming for quite some time. It was recently announced that Instagram has now overtaken YouTube as the top social media platform for effective influencer marketing. Instagram’s momentum has been building steadily and it only seemed a matter of time before it became the most influential social media platform out there. This research comes from Rakuten Marketing and their 2019 Influencer Marketing Global Survey in which they polled 3,500 consumers and 700 companies from around the world.

  • The research revealed that Instagram (65%) was the number one site followed by those who follow particular influencers and adhere to their recommendations. Right behind Instagram was YouTube and Facebook both tied at 62%. With regard to what content most wanted to see, video overwhelmed the written word 62% to 38%. Of all polled, nearly 40% stated that they responded almost immediately to special offers, discounts and giveaways.
  • What has made the social media marketing world sit up and take notice is that well over 90% said they shared content with their social networks and that four out of five polled, around the world, said they clicked through and made a purchase of a product or service that had been recommended¬† by the particular influencer they followed. This revealing trend has now seemed to change the social media marketing game in that most companies currently believe that influencers are only good for building brand awareness.
  • Based on this news and research, it appears as if influencer marketing has taken on a new and valued importance and that it is in the best interest of every business to go out and recruit them. The research also highlighted the growing influence of the micro¬† influencers; those smaller players who have a smaller but extremely loyal following. Not only is the micro influencer following more loyal and engaged but they are far less expensive than the heavy hitters and celebrities who can attract a following of a half million or more.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer