Integrating visual content will boost your engagement

z191 As online marketing strategies begin to focus more on visual content, businesses are finding that the more they integrate it, the stronger their customer engagement becomes. There are many advantages to using visual content in your overall online marketing mix. It draws the eye’s attention quicker than text and tends to enhance any presentation.

  •  If your overall online strategy has become a bit slow or your ROI just isn’t what it should be, then it may be time to incorporate some photos and videos. The major reason is that, from a scientific standpoint, visuals are more easily processed by people’s brains. In fact, experiments have revealed that the brain will understand visual content at a rate of 60,000 times faster that it will digest and translate text based information.
  • According to recent research, most information that people absorb on a daily basis is well over 90% visual. Combining strong visuals with strong text and graphs will greatly enhance your online marketing success as people tend to process it easier and remember it longer. More visual content will drive more traffic.
  • When visual and graphic content is employed, it will boost your viewership by nearly 95%. If you have online marketing content that includes photos as well as videos, you will see an increase in readership of another nearly 50%.
  • Your visual content such as videos and your own created infographics have the greatest chance of going viral for you. To be able to create an online marketing piece that goes viral can bring untold advantages to your site. It could easily generate an overwhelming amount of traffic as well as present the opportunity to establish many inbound links. Establishing those links will only boost your value with the search engines. Isn’t that what you are really looking to do?
  • Using visuals in your online marketing can, most assuredly, boost the engagement rates for your content and your site. The old cliché of “show, don’t tell” is the most effective online marketing strategy you can have.
  • Visuals attain higher favorable ratings and can easily increase your conversions. In addition, recent studies have revealed that nearly 90% of all users in America watch videos on a regular basis and are more likely to become engaged with a product or service if a video is present.

Integrating visual content into your overall online marketing strategy will only enhance you opportunity to engage your potential customers and drive traffic to your website. If you are not currently using visual content in your online marketing efforts, it is time to get going.