Interlinking all of Your Websites can have a positive effect on SEO

Posted on September 30, 2010 in Video Marketing, Video Optimization

We all know that optimizing your website is a very important step in your company’s SEO efforts, and that you can’t expect to increase your search engine page rank without optimizing your website.  However, many companies make the mistake of only optimizing their home page, and forgetting about all of their inner pages.

Your inner web pages are just as important, especially since each inner page likely showcases a different keyword.  For example, let’s say your company is a Spa.  You may have a lot of Google users doing a search for a “Hair Salon,” which may be an inner page to your website, as well as a listed service on your home page.  Others may be searching for a “masseuse,” which will again, likely be an inner page and a listed service on your home page.  Since a Spa offers many different services, you may want to optimize multiple keywords and keyword variations for each of those services, as Google searchers may be looking for a business that offers one of your services, but not necessarily a full Spa.  Similarly, if you own a garage, you will likely perform many services, such as oil changes, inspections, tire rotations, brake work, body work, etc.

Alternatively, if you do massage therapy, and massage is the only service you offer, you should still have inner pages to your website.  Those pages may describe the different types of massage you perform and the costs, a bio of yourself and your experience, client testimonials, etc.  All of which, may be what a Google user is searching for.

Say a Google user does a search for a “Hair Salon,” and you haven’t optimized the Hair Salon page of your Spa’s website.  You can be sure that inner page won’t rank very high on Google, and that user won’t even find your Hair Salon.

On the same note, once you’ve successfully SEO’d your inner pages, a Google user may click on a link to your Hair Salon page and be directed right to it.  On that page, they will likely see that this hair salon is within a full service spa, and they may then be interested in the other services you offer.  That is excellent potential for your Spa!  Now, you need to make sure your inner pages are easy to navigate so the user can get to your home page via one click.  Or perhaps they will want to jump from your hair salon page to your massage page.  The quicker and easier it is, the more likely a user is to stay on your site and learn more about your company.  A good way of ensuring this is to provide a menu bar on each of your inner pages, so a user can jump to any inner site or back to the home page all with just one click.  It may also be beneficial to provide the typical “link tree” at the bottom of each inner page.

By interlinking all of your inner pages, you have increased your search engine page ranking through SEO!  A link from another page to your site will always boost your page ranking, as well as a link from another page within your site.