Internet Marketing Tips for Black Friday 2013

Posted on November 27, 2013 in Google, internet marketing, SEO, Social Media

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Ah, the holiday season, the time where businesses go into crunch time to get their internet marketing into shape and get their website ready for the expected swell in traffic. There are many internet marketing tips and tricks that can help you improve your online presence to boost sales through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

What Happened the Year Before?

When it comes to internet marketing, the big thing to keep track of is trends. What’s happening in the present year, what happened the year before, what’s trending for your industry? Some questions you need to answer about the year before are:

  • What were your most popular products the year before?
  • Were there any pertinent trends that you noticed?
  • What were your most profitable days last year?
  • What did people buy on what days and during what hours?

The place to start is with the data from the year before. Your internet marketing depends on this information to get you started this year.

Separate Yourself from your Competitors

When it comes to Black Friday consumers are assaulted by thousands of deals in a very short amount of time, how are you going to keep your internet marketing separate from your competitors? You can do this by creating call-to-action messaging that focus on your customers and mention statements that will reassure them ahead of your competitors. Some statements you can use are:

  • Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas
  • Free Shipping for all returns
  • Extended Returns guaranteed
  • Satisfaction first

Expand your Keyphrases for Internet Marketing

When it comes to internet marketing, the most important thing to research is your keywords. You have to think of what it is that your consumers are going to be searching for and you can create your SEO around those keyphrases for Black Friday. Your keyphrases should include your brand, your products, and keywords like Black Friday bargains or Cyber Monday deals.

Use Google Shopping

To increase your exposure for the holiday season, you need to consider every paid platform possible for you. This includes Google Shopping which will list your product in product listing ads when a consumer searches for keywords related to that product. This gives your products more exposure and can generate more traffic to your site. Make sure that your product descriptions are creative and filled with your target keywords.

Use All the Social Media

When you think social media, what do you think of? Most would answer Facebook and Twitter, but when it comes to promoting your business during the holiday season, there are other social media outlets that you should use to promote your products and your brand.

One of these is Google + and it really shouldn’t be ignored. Google is the almighty king when it comes to search engines, so your business absolutely should have a Google+ page for internet marketing purposes. When someone searches for your brand or your site, your Google+ content will also show up.

One other social media channel that should be used is Pinterest. It’s free, simple to use, and one of the fastest growing social networks today. You can “Pin” your product images to Pinterest directly from your website, giving you yet another outlet to promote your products. This site uses hashtags to mark their keywords, so make sure to include those so your pinned products can be found easily in a search.

Market for Mobile

If you don’t have a website that is friendly for mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets, then you’re going to miss out on a huge market during the holiday season. Websites built with responsive design or with a separate mobile website (designated with the m.) will be ranked ahead of those sites that aren’t built for mobile. Missing out on that mobile market will hurt you drastically so make sure that a segment of your internet marketing is tailored for it.