Internet Marketing Tips to Get you Ready for the Holiday Season

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It’s the holiday season and if you’re not prepared for the 2013 season yet, then you are well behind your competition this year so far. This is the time of year that is the biggest opportunity of the year for online retailers. Online sales from 2011 to 2012 increased by 26 percent while in-store sales actually declined by 2 percent. This means that shoppers are shifting to shopping online where you should be focusing your marketing teams to your internet marketing. It’s after Black Friday, but you still have time to get your holiday campaigns up and running. Here are some internet marketing tips that will help your online business catch up for the holiday season.

1. Plan Promotions

More importantly, when holiday promotions are talked about, what’s the first one that comes to mind? That’s right, free shipping. This is the most recognizable promotion and is a classic one to fall back on if you’re having trouble coming up with promotions. The next step is to plan when you’re going to run your campaign, are you going to start at Black Friday and run it until the end of the holiday season? Maybe run it from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and then run it again closer to Christmas? You have multiple options during the holiday season to promote your campaigns. Let your audience know via all possible channels, email, social media, blogs and articles, even a video to help you out. Advertise all over your site about your promotions and this will encourage your shoppers to stay longer.

2. Use Internet Marketing Tips to Target Specific Holiday Terms

When it comes to online shopping, consumers try to be smart and search for very specific products and promotions during the holiday season. Going back to the ‘free shipping’ promotion, this is a search term that spikes during the holiday season starting at Black Friday until the end of the holiday season. This spike is a good trend to pay attention to and by adding your products to the term ‘free shipping’ you can increase the amount of search engine results you show up on. Increase your keyword targeting with specific holiday terms like “Christmas sale” “Holiday bargains” and “Cyber Week deals.” Use Google AdWords ads to boost your target keywords for the holiday season.

3. Retarget and Relaunch your Campaigns

Retargeting your holiday campaigns enables your marketers to create and place banner ads that target users that have visited your site recently. Those users that have visited your site are a great target segment as they are already informed on your products and more likely to buy. By deploying retargeted banner ads promoting your holiday deals and promotions, you can provide an incentive for users to come back to your site and help generate more revenue for you.

4. Maximize your Marketing Frequency

The holiday season is the time to increase your email and social media marketing tenfold. Increase your email marketing to get ahead of your competition and keep your followers engaged with your brand. Use that email marketing to let your audience know about every phase of your holiday promotions, when it’s coming, when it arrives, when it will be ending, and when it will really be ending. The great part about email marketing is that costs almost nothing to generate and can help you generate additional revenue at the same time.

These simple internet marketing tips are easy to plan and even easier to implement for the holiday season. This can get your online business ready for the holidays and help you take advantage of the greatest shopping season of the year.