Is Facebook Becoming More Like Twitter?

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That seems to be the case this month as Facebook has been testing out a feature like Twitter’s trending topics among a select group of mobile users. Facebook tests many social media management features among users so it will be safe to assume that this is one of those features that will leave the test phase and be expanded for use among all mobile users, even possibly desktop users in the near future.

Facebook has been attempting to become more like Twitter and get in on the “public conversations” part of the market that Twitter has had the hold on until recently. They started the move to “public conversations” with the release of the hashtag feature earlier this year. Implementing trending topics is the next step in this process. This makes Facebook much more competitive with Twitter in the realm of public conversations.

Add this to the fact that Facebook announced the launch of embeddable posts last week and you continue to see the trend in the way Facebook is moving to the theme of public content. They have even been offering incentives to celebrities who choose Facebook as their primary medium for engaging with their fans.

The question remains, how does this affect your social media management? Basically, any campaigns specifically tailored to Twitter now also can be transferred to Facebook once these features become public. Your SEO campaigns now don’t need to be separately created for every single social media channel. Of course you’ll want to avoid repetition between the two channels because you want to encourage your target audience to follow you in both places and they won’t do that if the same content is on both channels.

Your social media management strategies have to target potential trending topics between Twitter and Facebook. They could be different some days and very alike on others. With Facebook implementing similar features, this gives you the ability as a company to enter into a conversation with your customers on trending topics that will encourage them to interact with you. This will boost your SEO and make you a more credible company as your customers see you interacting with them in a public forum.