Is it time to get more traffic out of Instagram?

instagramYour social media marketing strategy is all about engagement and quality content. There are certain platforms you need to be marketing to but Instagram can be a platform that can help you drive some meaningful traffic in a relatively short time.

Instagram offers your social media marketing strategy an opportunity to visually connect with prospects you might not otherwise reach. The web tends to be a visual medium and more and more online marketing strategies are leaning toward being more visual. With over 200 million users coming in every month, Instagram can be a prime channel for you to get the word out and drive some traffic.

  •  It is all about getting your photos and attention grabbing images out in front of the Instagram audience. You do not need to attract all that many users to see your traffic numbers rise. Link your Instagram account to your other social media sites especially at Facebook and Google +. This will provide your followers at those sites an opportunity to check you out at Instagram and spread the word.
  • One of the most successful tactics is to run some manner of photo contest with a meaningful prize going to the winner. Contests continue to be one of the strongest tools you can use in your social media marketing strategy. It is one of the proven methods for driving some serious traffic to your site.
  • When posting your brand images on Facebook, research has revealed that they generate over 50% more likes and engagement than brands that don’t offer photos. Get out and engage your potential audience. Comment on their photos and always respond immediately to any comments you receive on yours. It is an opportunity to build a relationship and gain a customer.
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience out at Instagram. Posting far too often tends to be interpreted as spam or the hard sell. Remember, the vast majority of Istagram users are under the age of 35. Post regularly to be effective but don’t flood your page. Give your followers a healthy dose of anticipation.

Taking advantage of as many social media platforms as possible will only help you establish greater name recognition. This exposure will drive traffic to your site. If you don’t have a current social media marketing strategy, and most small businesses don’t, perhaps it is time to get serious and track down a professional firm that can help you drive more traffic and generate more revenue.