Is loyalty a secret weapon?

Loyalty isn’t something to demand though far too many companies of all sizes continue to demand. Demanding instead of inspiring is what leads many companies down the drain because there is too much turnover and instability. Too many companies try to rule with fear based cultures while other companies think having a huge game room and catered snacks is the type of culture that will inspire loyalty and production. Loyalty, like self esteem, must be earned not simply awarded. Inspiring a company culture of loyalty takes time and serious effort. However, if you can pull it off, your company will be a productive and stable workplace and isn’t that really what every business owner is looking for?

  • Real employee loyalty has nothing to do with silly perks, threats, or patting people on the head just because they showed up. Loyalty is inspired through both action and deed and must be carefully nurtured every moment of every day. Few companies seem to be able to pull it off simply because it is hard and takes effort. Instilling fear or installing a ping pong table seems easier to many of them.
  • Another consideration is too many companies allow their company culture to exist by default rather than by creation. Too much focus on the bottom line and/or cutting costs and too little focus on the people that are going to get you where you want to be. Establishing a culture of trust and loyalty means that it will always be there even when the bosses are not around.
  • Research shows time and time again that people need to feel appreciated and be in an environment that values loyalty, hard work and an opportunity to make a difference to a company. Forget those idiotic performance reviews. They are a waste of time. You need to be encouraging and recognizing great work and loyalty every day. Establishing a culture of loyalty means establishing a workplace where people can interact openly and be able to trust one another. People go above and beyond the call of duty when they feel valued and feel that they are truly making a difference. That needs to be inspired not demanded. When you invest in your people, there will be more production, far less turnover and employees who are happy, challenged and engaged.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer