Is Your Online Marketing Ready for this Holiday Season?

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The holiday shopping rush has begun and the shopping frenzy is in full swing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us and Cyber Week and the rest of the holidays to look forward to. Americans have been gearing up for this, the most festive season of sales and deals, and are primed to spend more money than ever.

The department stores and malls may be packed, but you’ll notice that the crowds aren’t as large as years past; this is due to the fact that more Americans are planning to do their shopping online. With this in mind, is your online marketing up to the task of pulling in those online consumers?

A new Gallup poll released last week shows that close to 53% of Americans are more likely to shop online during the 2013 holiday season. This is the first time the poll has shown that a majority are more likely to shop online.

Americans due like to shop at department and retail stores though, but this hasn’t stopped a surge in online Christmas shopping the past few years. In fact, online shopping is the only type of shopping that is seeing an increase this year. It’s important to keep this in mind when generating your online marketing campaign for the holiday season. It’s very important that you focus on those consumers who are more likely to shop online and give them deals specifically for coming to your website online.

When the recession hit in 2008, there was a decline in all methods of shopping from discount stores to specialty stores and even those favored department stores. Ever since then there has either been a steady amount of shopping or a slight decline for those methods. Online shopping in the same time period though has increased by 10%.

This shows that your online marketing is much more important than in years past as Americans are flocking to the online landscape in order to complete their holiday shopping. This means offering deals they can’t get in normal brick-and-mortar stores like free shipping, expedited shipping, and discounts that they don’t see every day. With a clever online marketing campaign you can draw online consumers and beat out your retail competitors this holiday season.