Is your SEO strategy killing your growth?

Posted on March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

z129Search engine optimization is one of the keys to long term success these days. Unfortunately, however, far too few small business owners are taking it seriously.  Many are even embracing the dubious idea that they can do it themselves. Worse, still, others look to the quick fix from rather suspect sources that end up making it worse than if the small business had done no SEO at all. So, how to realize that SEO is a long term strategy? How to realize that you need professionals working for you who actually know what they are doing?

  •  SEO is complex and extremely intricate work. It takes time to build a successful strategy and to attain brand awareness and a strong showing in any SERP. Google is the 600 pound gorilla in every search engine optimization and search success room. Strategies change almost daily and if you are not keeping up with the updates, you will, soon, fall hopelessly behind your rivals.
  • Too many small businesses are replacing solid and reliable customer acquisition and retention strategies with shoddy SEO strategies that are killing their brand. They resort to old and worn black hat tactics and buying links from the link farms. This is not done any more without consequence. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have seen to that.
  • Another challenge is taking on a developer or SEO firm that really doesn’t know what they are doing. These less than stellar firms do things like allowing the search engine bots to continuously crawl a site that is still under development and not even fully implemented and launched. You need an SEO firm that has been around for a while and stays fluid and updated on the latest strategies, tactics and Google updates.
  • Many small business owners, as well as suspect developers are still, believe it or not, using keyword stuffing techniques to the point where their content, and website copy, is nearly incomprehensible. Content is critical to your success and never more so than after Google’s Hummingbird update. Your content, however, needs to be engaging, original, fresh, and must understand a searcher’s intent when they are looking for whatever it is you are selling.
  • We live in an instant gratification world where most people expect their desires to be fulfilled right now. It is, of course, an insane way to live and it is certainly something that has no place in SEO success. This is a long term investment for your company. You need people that know what they are doing. If you don’t want the expense of hiring on these professionals, then you must employ an experienced SEO firm that can take you where you want to go and can get you there the right and proven way.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer