Is your video content going viral? Why not?

Videocamera web icon, flat design Having your blog or video content marketing piece go viral can be a mixed blessing. But, for the most part, going viral with a piece of content is incredibly helpful to you. What you need to understand, however, is that there are certain strategies entailed in the possibility of something going viral on you. Just because you thought that piece you wrote, or that video content marketing you labored over, was of the highest quality, it may not have been composed of what the viral gods are looking for.

  •  As with any quality video content marketing piece you are trying to create, you need to know the demographic. You have a certain market segmentation you are trying to reach, so what is it? You can’t possibly try and create a piece of content that you hope will attract most everybody. Throwing content against the wall to see what sticks is a waste of time. Know your audience and create quality content for that audience.
  • There must be an emotional element attached to a video content marketing piece that has the probability of going viral. You must appeal to people’s emotions and heartstrings. Telling a story is highly effective if you can draw them in and provide an emotional payoff at the end. Eliciting a positive response will always encourage people to share more often than negative response based content. Thrill and amaze someone while you bring to their attention to something they may not have thought of.
  • Your headlines are the key. They must be compelling and if they can ask a question, you will see stronger results. You must draw them in. Be conversational with your video content marketing or written content and find a way to make your audience make sense of something. In addition, know what causes them pain and offer a way to alleviate that pain. Show them how to solve a problem and rid themselves of a particular pain.
  • Make people want to share your content. Solve a problem, tell a heartwarming story, create something humorous. If your video content marketing piece will be a positive reflection on the person sharing it, your opportunity for viral fame increases.

Remember your distribution channels and times of the day with regard to the release of your video content marketing effort. Maneuver your content into the best position possible, and make it easy to share. Do this and the chances of your video content marketing piece going viral will greatly increase.