Just a few reasons why no one is coming

The whole reason for your SEO and social media marketing strategies are in place is to drive traffic to your site. You can’t just build it and expect them to come. Why are you doing what you believe you should be doing and no one is coming? The answers to this question are really what is separating the successful websites, and companies, from those that continue to struggle.

  • The main reason for sites that are not attracting traffic is that many small businesses forget why they are in business in the first place. The only reason anyone wants to come and see you is because you are going to bring added value to their lives or you are going to solve a problem for them. That’s it. Those are the only two reasons. Another related reason is basic Sales 101. No one is interested in all of the features and the wonderful bells and whistles. What they want is to be able to see how your product or service is going to solve their problem or enhance their lives.
  • Your SEO and social media marketing in critical to building a long term image of your brand. Do your potential customers really know you? Do they trust you? All of your online strategies are there to build your brand because people like to do business with people they know and trust. Also, be way up and ahead in that you are projecting your company in front of those potential customers before they even realize that they need you. Name recognition builds trust and trust will get you that traffic and those conversions.
  • Get conversational with them at your social media platforms and give them continuous reasons to find their way back to your site and to buy again. Make sure that your site is properly built for speed and results. Your business is far too important to leave your site design to amateurs or your 12 year old nephew who has a Facebook page. Make sure the design flows properly and that your calls to action are in their proper places so as to lead them gently to the land of conversions. Be mobile because that is where most of your customers are and remember that your data and your analytics are your crystal balls to the future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer