Keeping your website content focused will boost those conversion rates

contentkingIn the world of online marketing, content is king. Your website content, as well as your marketing copy, is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately, solid website content and sparkling ad copy is hardly the rule. How often has one traveled to a site and had no idea what they were even selling? How often has a site you have visited simply not made any connection with you on any level?

 First off, of course, you need to know if you are selling something people are even interested in buying. Does it make them feel good? Does it solve a problem? Granted, this is something you should have thought of prior to establishing an online presence but one continues to be surprised by how many out there have given it little or no thought.

 Your online marketing begins at your landing page. You cannot expect to boost conversion rates and sell more if you cannot engage the reader. Approach your visitors as if they were a friend. Your ad copy needs to be conversational and easy going while convincing the reader that your product or service is going to solve their problem or bring them unexpected joy. Focus on everyday language rather than industry-speak. Your visitors are hardly experts at what you do. If they were, why would they need you?

 In online marketing, write when you are truly inspired and are clear on what you do and how you want to present it. If you cannot do that, get someone who can. Get everything down. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or structure. You can fix all of that later. It needs to be similar to your thirty second commercial you use to introduce yourself and your business. It needs to draw people in and lead them where you want them to go. Get a handle on your copy by field testing it on friends or even strangers. Listen to the feedback. It will help you tweek it until it is the most effective it can be.

 The problem with many companies today, as well as with their online marketing efforts, is that they pretend they are really selling anything. Because of that strategy, these companies lose more business than they generate. Also, remember that ever critical word of mouth. The proverbial rule of thumb on that is that if someone is happy with you they will tell two, maybe three, people. If they had a less than stellar experience with you, they will tell at least seven.

 So, remember your focus. Remember why you are where you are. You are there to help people and turn a profit. Welcome those visitors in. Talk to them in a warm and entertaining tone in language they can immediately understand and be drawn to. Relationship building is everything and your online marketing efforts need to reflect that.