Learn Something New for your Social Media Management with Shareaholic’s Quarterly Report

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Stumbleupon, what do all these sites have in common? They are the premiere social media websites on the web today and the referrals from these sites can greatly impact your business. Shareaholic has released their quarterly edition of their Social Media Traffic Report and the results may surprise you. Of the eight social media sites listed above, only Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon’s referrals saw the strongest gains. When it comes to social media management, these kinds of reports are important to pay attention to.

Of the major social media platforms, those three were the only ones whose growth was substantial. Over a period from September 2013 to December 2013, Facebook’s share grew 48.85% (5.07 percentage points), Pinterest grew by 30.06% (1.11 percentage points) and StumbleUpon made the biggest leap by 54.36% (.30 percentage points). Facebook, to no one’s surprise, is the king in all of this and drives more than twice the referrals of the other seven social networks combined. If your social media management isn’t strong in the Facebook department, it may be time to start investigating what you can do to increase your presence on the premiere social media channel.

The shocking part in the report is that StumbleUpon is making such dramatic increases considering how low profile the social media platform is. StumbleUpon has been around a long time though and can refer a good amount of traffic to your site if your website is putting out the kind of content that StumbleUpon likes. This is the same type of content that is getting shared more and more on the other social networks.

A few other points from Shareaholic’s report:

  • Twitter’s overall referral share didn’t move much in the last quarter
  • Both YouTube and Reddit’s percentages dropped
  • LinkedIn and Google+ were the bottom of the major 8

You can find the rest of Shareaholic’s report here to explore more options for your social media management team. By keeping up on the latest trends and reports, you can use your social media management to keep your company ahead of the competition and to increase your online presence and get referrals back to your website.