Are you listening to your social media data?

z125In today’s complex business world, data has become a critical tool in the effort to gain ground on competitors and to increase revenues. Your marketing strategies, particularly your SEO and social media marketing strategies, must rely on the gathering and interpretation of your big data.

  •  Monitoring your marketing efforts must go without saying but are you monitoring your social media efforts? Are you really listening to what is going on out there? Most of the time a small business can be more focused on what they want to say and to post out on social media rather than taking the time to listen and evaluate the feedback that will always be there.
  • While what you post is integral to your social media marketing success, it can be equally important to take notice of comments, feedback, and reviews that you are garnering at your social media platforms. What’s going on? What kinds of remarks are you facing? Listening to these critiques is one of the best ways to get a handle on your overall progress. What are you doing right? Where do you need to get better and more responsive?
  • Big data has become just that. According to various sources, 90% of all of the data generated in the history of the world has been generated in the last two years. Gathering in and studying this data at every opportunity allows you to fine tune your business so that it becomes highly responsive to the needs and wants of your customer base. Social media marketing data remains one of your treasure troves because customers are so active out at the platforms.
  • Another way to use your social media data is to keep tabs on your rivals. How are they doing? Read their comments and remarks from their social media followers. How are you stacking up in comparison? Are your rivals doing things you aren’t? If so, can you integrate what has been successful for them into your future marketing strategies? It is especially useful to monitor and mimic the successful strategies being used by companies in your industry who are bigger than you. The reach of their resources are greater and there will be much you can learn and imitate from them.
  • You need to be paying attention more than ever before. Your big data gathered in at your social media marketing platforms is a precious resource that can’t be ignored or squandered if you expect to compete well into the future.