Live streaming hacks to power your brand

The power of video and live streaming has begun to dominate online marketing like never before. The reason for this is simple; it works and it is powerful. Building your brand these days is no easy thing and you need every edge you can get. One of the most effective ways in which to build your brand awareness and name recognition is through the use of live streaming. This will allow you to get closer to your potential customers and allow them to see the real you and what your company is all about.

  • The first thing to remember is that you only have an initial 8-10 seconds to grab your audience or they are gone for the most part. Your opening is critical and must be carefully scripted. Even though you want your live stream to appear breezy and spontaneous, it must, in fact, be carefully scripted and directed. Know what you are trying to show. Know what you are trying to accomplish. You just can’t walk around with your smart phone like you were at some backyard cookout.
  • You must make it a reasonably professional production. If you don’t have the equipment and the expertise, then find someone that does. Dress properly and remember that this live streaming event may be the first time someone sees you and gets an introduction to your company. No need to mention the cliche about first impressions.
  • Use as much humor as possible and just be yourself. You want people to see and get to know the real you as well as your employees and your company. Sure, you want a script for your action but don’t sit there on camera reading. Your audience will click away faster than you can sneeze. Pay attention to both your time and your sound quality. Your sound must be perfect. People must be able to understand you. Also, five or six minutes is plenty of time for a live stream. Much longer than that and your audience is likely to click away.
  • Finally, advertise your live broadcast everywhere you can especially out at your social media platforms. Few will watch the stream live but you should get some serious replay action so make sure it is available everywhere your potential customers are. Also, make sure to turn your live broadcast, your live show, into a regular feature. It will build an audience over time and drive people to your site. It will establish and power your brand and increase your name recognition. Do those things and people will begin to trust you. Get them to trust you and your bottom line will simply explode.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer