Lower Your Mobile Bounce Rate with Google+

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You can get people to your site with daily content or a popular blog post, but how can you make them stay longer past reading one article or looking at a new product? Google answers that question with the launch of content recommendations for mobile sites with their Google+ platform. With a simple line of code, you can encourage users to look at more of your content when they’re browsing your mobile site. This works by delivering your users content that is recommended by Google based on a number of variables.

When going to your mobile site, it will be easier for users to find other articles on it based on Search Authorship and other articles with a lot of Google+ activity, which means articles that have been +1’d and shared across Google+. All recommended content is based off the page that the visitor is on and that boosts the relevance of recommendations. These recommendations will only show up when a user taps for more, this prevents their browsing experience from being interrupted which can be important on phones without large screens that can easily show everything, even on a mobile site.

These recommendations will show up for users, even if they aren’t signed into Google+ or have a Google+ account. If they are signed in, then the results are more personalized, much like all of Google’s content, and this will be based off content that has been shared or +1’d by them or by people in their circles.

By letting someone find an article on your site, they are happy with the content on your site and you can encourage more engagement and loyalty from your readers and customers.